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Benefits of Vitamins

Benefits of Vitamins

Vivioptal Vitamins / Friday, February 15th, 2013

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The fact is, if we ate meals that provided exactly the right amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and each of the essential vitamins and minerals, we wouldn’t need vitamin and mineral supplements. However, we all live in something I like to call reality, and it’s a fact of life that some meals we eat lack all the essential nutrients we need to stay healthy.

For this reason, Vivioptal has created its line of vitamin and mineral supplements. We know our customers live active full lives, and our products are meant to reinforce, not replace, healthy eating habits.

Adding vitamin supplements to your daily routine gives you a number of benefits:

  • Boosted immunityThe body uses vitamins you eat as tools in its fight against infection. Trying to get over a cold or flu without enough vitamins in your body is like trying to fight a battle without ammunition! Your body needs vitamins and minerals to provide the infection fighting cells of your body the resources they need to do their job. When you’re on the run, taking a multivitamin is a great way to ensure your body has what it needs.
  • Added Energy – Many of the vitamins in Vivioptal supplements are used directly by your body’s cells to produce energy. You can read in our Health Center about how important the B vitamins are for energy metabolism. If you don’t have B vitamins in your body, you can’t produce as much energy and you’ll feel lethargic and weak.
  • Increased skin health – Healthy skin radiates beauty, freshness and vibrancy, and vitamins are an important resources for maintaining skin health. The body uses anti-oxidants like Vitamins C and E to repair normal skin damage caused by unavoidable factors like sunlight and environmental pollution. Without constant supplies of both vitamins, your skin can begin to break down and lose its attractiveness.
  • Stronger bones – We don’t usually think of our bones on a day to day basis, but maintaining bone health becomes increasingly
    important as we age. Osteoporosis (osteo-, bone; –porosis, pourous) causes brittle bones and increased risk of breaks and fractures. As we age, hormonal changes reduce our ability to repair our bones. Introducing supplemental Vitamin D helps you to absorb calcium that your body’s osteoblasts (osteon, bone; blastos, germ) use to build more bone.
  • Sharper vision – In order to see, each of our eyes contains a structure called the retina (L. rete, net) that “catches” incoming light. The retina contains photoreceptors that convert light energy into chemical energy, which can then be interpreted by the brain. The energy conversion process requires Vitamin A. Someone with a Vitamin A deficiency will have a hard time seeing at night, when there is less light available. Carrots contain lots of Vitamin A, which is why we’re advised to eat them for good eye sight. In the absence of carrots, vitamin supplements are a great way to go.

While eating a balanced, nutritious diet is always the best option, when you can’t get everything you need supplemental vitamins are a great way to pick up the slack. Swing by one of the Vivioptal product information pages to see how one of our multivitamins can help you improve your health today.

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